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How to Repair Windows Live Mail Error 0x800CCC6F

You should migrate to either Outlook or Office 365 with the new features more suitable for doing email communication safely and more smartly. To quickly migrate EML files of Windows Live Mail to PST file, user can download EML to PST tool. To configure your Gmail account, go to the Gmail account settings page.

  • 1) Press Esc key repeatedly, several times a second, while rebooting the laptop.
  • If you installed a new Windows and the problem persists or if the CHKDSK command in solution 5 couldn’t repair errors, the hard disk needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • If, on the other hand, you need a spare part, more information, or just some advice, the manufacturer is once again the best place to start.
  • Some generate data dumps that may help in the analysis of the issue that led to the throwing of the error.

Just try any of the suggested fixes above and you should be able to send an email with Windows Live Mail on your computer running again. After that, you should be able Read more to use your email account again. Once there, choose Recovery and select Get Started under Reset this PC. This will lead you through creating a new Microsoft profile. If you are facing the 0x800CCC67 error while sending an email from Microsoft Outlook, then make sure that you have enough free disk space available on your hard drive.

Symptoms Your DC Power Jack Is Failing

Wait for a while and then you will see a few options on the interface. “My computer is consistently running smoother with less startup problems and faster connections than ever. It’s running like it did when it was new.” Our Automatic Maintenance feature will clean up and speed up your PC regularly without you having to lift a finger.

Locate the driver that you want to update, right-click it, and choose Update driver. Once your system is up to date, check if the problem is still there. One great way to deal with all BSOD errors is to use specialized software, such as Restoro, so feel free to try it out. While errors are prone to happen sooner or later, certain types of problems can be more serious. Repairing your system installation can often help if the issue is software-related. Let me show you how to uninstall a program on Windows 11.

Reasons for Broken Registry Items

After creating a restore point, if ever the registry gets corrupted, you can roll back your computer to the previous restore point. Before you do any changes to your system you should create a restore point or create a backup file of your registry. There was almost a competition to see which Registry cleaner could remove the most entries years ago.

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What is IO error Linux?

Windows typically updates itself automatically, which is especially exciting when a new update is rolled out. However, this auto update is liable to introduce a huge problem. Imagine eagerly waiting for Windows 10 to reboot itself after an update, only to see the error code 0x b on your screen. I cannot give you an exact answer, but the File I/O error clearly indicates that Illustrator cannot be used to write to any location. A server without proper permissions, a jump drive formatted as NTFS, a diskette that is full or locked, etc., are all possible.

Now click on the ‘Tools’ tab and click the button ‘Check Now’ under error-checking section. Now, restart your PC and check if the issue has been resolved. You will boot into the Recovery screen right away. Press the Windows key and type “powershell“. Now, click on “Run as administrator” on the right pane to open the window with admin privileges. Windows 11 will run the CHKDSK scan, which may take some time, so keep patience and wait for it to complete.

The computer would look exactly like it was before you got the ‘disk read error occurred’ message. Boot Priority indicates which device will be considered first for obtaining boot files each time a user turns the computer on. By default, the BIOS settings set the primary hard drive as the first one on the list as it contains the Window’s partition. But if a wrong item is selected, then the user will face a ‘disk read error occurred’ message. Have you ever faced “A disk read error occurred” message when you turned on your computer one fine day? For most of us, this error message is quite alarming, and it means a hard disk crash with the loss of our precious data.

The bare minimum for the 32-bit version of Windows 10

To change cache settings, use the TAB key to navigate through the various options. If you disable the cache, the tool will have direct access to the data in RAM, ensuring a thorough test. You can also specify the number of times the scan will be repeated to test the memory modules in your System. Running a Memory diagnoses would be a good thing to do as the first step of your troubleshooting process.

Sometimes, this type of issue is occurred due to some temporary issues in computer. You can fix temporary issue just by restarting your computer, and check if the issue is resolved. Then, press “F12” to enter Boot menu, in which change the boot drive to the installation media.

  • If this has ever happened to you, then stop worrying!
  • To fix the “Hardware Problems Were Detected” error, you just need to run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter and follow the instructions on your screen.
  • Read on to learn how to check RAM on Windows 10.

This is because a certain portion of your computer’s hard drive is used to store the computer’s operating system; therefore, that space is irreversibly used, and thus, unlisted. Hii guys, My name is Madhur Taneja and I’m a Computer Hardware Engineer and I proudly love to teach about computer software & hardware repairing stuffs. Whether your RAM is running well or not, that can be tested by some of the error indications that the computer sometimes shows.

How to Fix Unexpected error Windows Defender

You can download the free version from the website to get acquainted with the tool. If you encounter this error , then it means that there is something wrong with your hard disk drives. This happens when you try to boot your Windows. As pointed out by the Windows user, this error might cause boot-loop issues. More importantly, you might be worried about the data that is stored on your drives.

Use it to prepare a USB drive with MemTest86. Once the test is complete, the computer should boot normally. According to the tool, you should get a message about the results of the test, but in practice, it rarely appears. To view the results, you must find the message in the Event Viewer.

Security check

It’s a good little dash cam, but it just doesn’t capture footage as well as those products that feature separate front and rear cameras. The online webcam test is a good tool for testing the camera and finding out technical information about it. Of course, it allows you to find out whether camera works correctly, but Driversol. it makes a lot of tests, and because of this it is a bit slow.

  • Xherald is driven by its 500+ contributors coming from around the world.
  • Captures everything with a 360-degree camera, mic, and speaker, giving everyone an immersive experience.
  • Double-click “Add or Remove Programs.” This will bring you to the programs window.
  • Logitech download assistant is only a utility made for updates.

Below we have mentioned some of the steps that may help you. Expand the Mice and Other Pointing Devices node and uninstall all the Logitech mouse drivers. After this step, your mouse will stop working.


There are two ways through which you can do it. Click the “Downloads” header on the product support page for the mouse once you’ve located it. Select “Windows XP” from the drop-down operating system listing, then select the mouse driver from the drop-down software list. Be aware that it may take a few moments for the software list to populate after selecting an operating system.

Then i unplugged it, and the wifi is working. But if the pattern of the last few days continues, that won’t last long. It seems like some background thing keeps resetting, and i don’t know how to make it stop. If you followed the instructions you have installed the logid daemon in /usr/local/bin and you enabled this with systemctl. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. A creative tech-writer who loves to explore latest tech-trends & convey them to his readers in the simplest way possible.

Logitech Updater Keeps Popping Up: Causes and Effective Solutions

Integrate your devices in a snap, with an intuitive one-time setup that’s fast and easy. Plus, Intel Unison is flexible, letting you connect your choice of PC and phone . You’ll find Intel Unison exclusively on Evo laptops, coming soon—with later releases on even more of your favorite devices. You should write “control” without quotation marks.

Live Capture Adapter HDMI™ to USB-C™ with Power Delivery

Or some of you will come across Logitech camera unavailable in certain apps like Skype, Messenger but work fine on other programs. Antiviruses sometimes misinterpret legitimate programs and services as threats and block permissions necessary for them to work. You can temporarily disable, or even better, uninstall the antivirus to check if this is the issue. Finally, if your webcam works but has minor issues with the video or audio, updating the display adapter and audio drivers can also be helpful. Logitech webcam not working can refer to a range of problems, from the webcam not being detected at all, to minor issues with the audio stream or video quality. Your camera should be in the path you enter with guvcview.