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Then, when you go back to your horse drawing , you’ll have a fresh perspective, and be able to make whatever adjustments are necessary without overdoing it. In the illustration below, the purple lines represent the light. It should give you a better idea of how the light is going to work when you’re adding shadows. I also included the mane and tail because those things tend to affect how the shadows land. Keep this illustration handy for the highlights in the next step too! Those light rays create all sorts of beautiful effects.

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  • Enjoy this no-drawing-skills-necessary demo on incorporating fun and unusual depictions of animals in vibrant, colorful ways in your next art creation.

Animal rescue Corps found 29 dogs with one litter of puppies and four cats. If you want your doodles to look more appealing and have more depth, use thick and thin lines to add dimension. I usually add thin lines on my flower doodles to give them more depth. A caste is easy to draw with only a few lines. You can literally draw it without lifting your pen off the paper, that’s how easy it is. If you’re a pizza lover like me, you can doodle something like this piece below, and later just add color.

In this tutorial, Kate Oleska, teaches us how to draw a dog with step-by-step instructions. While every dog breed looks different, below the fur, they’re all structurally very similar. So even if you are aiming to draw a pup different to the one in this tutorial, this guide will equip you with the skills to draw a realistic dog, whatever the breed. If your doodles seem too simple, try adding color to them with markers, pens, or watercolor.

Dog’s Reaction To Watching ‘criminal Minds’ With Mom Wins The Internet

You can even add a swish of a tail and a little for the mane if you like, but the only thing I feel is necessary is a stump of a tail for placement. The combination of color and shadow in an eye is more complex than you would think. The iris is often more than one color, and in a cat’s eye, it’s very large. Cat’s eyes are also large, and if you look at one from the side, it’s almost as if the iris doesn’t reach the front of the eye – it’s just clear. Add shadow just along the bottom third of it, and round the shadows a little to give it shape.

Nimal Illustrations : How To Draw Cute Animals Book For Kids Or Kindergarten

This doodle is so easy to draw that you can literally make hundreds of them. I didn’t paint this one, but you can play with colors and make it as simple as you can. There’s beauty in that, I promise you that. Cupcakes can be so cute, especially if you add color or sprinkles, which makes them even cuter.

In this more advanced tutorial, Patrick J Jones will show you how to draw a figure with a feeling of energy and movement. You’ll need to have the basic skills nailed before you move on to this guide, but it’s a great way to expand your figure drawing technique further. Another tutorial for beginners, this video explains how to draw faces from scratch. You’ll learn how to draw both female faces and male faces, and you’ll also find out how to demonstrate your characters by making just a few simple changes. Learn how to draw muscles in motion and harness the power of gesture with this helpful step-by-step guide from artist Patrick J Jones.

I already mentioned this above with some examples. If you want to practice more easy doodles, first draw a circle and then create a whole world of doodles inside that circle. Doing it this way, you’ll limit your drawing space and thus spark your creativity. It sounds contradictory, but it really works. Step-by-step easy octopus drawing tutorial. Draw a semi-realistic-looking octopus from a simple oval and a few squiggly lines.

A very easy way to draw a cute funny cartoon style sheep with thick woolly fleece munching on a lucky four-leaf clover. Learn how to draw a hamster, a cute and chubby fellow snacking on a peanut. An easy step-by-step hamster drawing tutorial. Blitsy is where creative people learn online.

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